Our Objectives

This organization shall be a non-profitable, public welfare and social organization.

  1. To carry out works of social service based on recent and modern development contributing to the tourism industry.
  2. This Association shall work for the right and interest of the persons engaged in rafting business.
  3. It shall provide service to the person and commercial companies engaged in the rafting profession in order to encourage them in the act of building new Nepal in a creative manner.
  4. It shall organize or exchange various interaction programs to impart knowledge supporting the development of rafting sector by covering expert manpowers and specialists received training in native and foreign countries.
  5. This association shall disseminate information on tourism for development of tourism sector and encourage repairing and maintaining the religious and cultural monasteries and temples.
  6. It shall carry out, or cause to be carried out, programs generating public awareness on paying respect to guest, language education, volunteers, health and environment, and creative programs contributing to the rural tourism in the places remained backward because of especially geographical constraint of Nepal.
  7. It shall assist in protection and promotion of sanitation of river, stream, lake, pool, and environmental and aquatic animals.
  8. To carry out the acts of generating public awareness in the settlements of rafting areas and to encourage them towards rafting business. It shall carry out the acts of generating income and impart employment based education.
  9. To develop, or cause to be developed means and resources by generating social awareness thereby paying the attention to all the nationalities residing in the rafting areas.
  10. To provide assistance as the rescue assistant at the time of problems caused by flooding and landslide; and to work in collaboration with the police, army and locals therefore.
  11. This association shall assist and work in collaboration with the army, police, and various agencies in providing assistance and making rescue if natural calamities, flooding and risky accidents occur.
  12. It shall provide Nepalese river rafting training as well as the service oriented training relating thereto to the manpower interested to work in Nepalese Rafting business with the assistance of expert manpowers trained in the native and foreign countries.